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Intrepid Women: Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army is the first book-length scholarly study of the French army's uniformed female auxiliaries. It is published by Indiana University Press and available directly from the press or through most major book retailers. The book is based on extensive archival research of previously unpublished (and mostly unstudied) primary documents as well as a very large number of published primary and secondary sources.

The book is not a novel, nor is it a work of popular non-fiction. It is a serious, academic study that breaks new ground in the historical understanding of women's military participation. I tried to make it readable and to avoid the use of jargon or highly specialized terms, but the book remains a specialist work. There are a number of black and white illustrations (most of them never before published) as well as an extensive index that goes beyond the usual places of battles and names of soldiers and covers a variety of concrete and abstract ideas, movements, and associations. This should aid researchers looking for connections between my topic and their own areas of interest, creating a larger web of knowledge about 18th and 19th century history.

The chapters themselves present a chronological history of vivandières and cantinières from about 1700 up to Word War One, with some discussion of events before and after. There are many interesting anecdotes about day to day life, marriage, combat, and retirement, as well as broader material on trends and statistics. As much as possible, I tried to include the actual voices of real women, to give an idea of how they spoke, wrote, and thought.

The intended audience includes professional historians, students, and all people interested in serious history. Though I am sure to be biased, I think there is a lot to learn and to ponder here for anyone with an interest in history, whether that is professional or for leisure.

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